Following are the main components of pressure Vessels in general
a) Shell
b) Head
c) Nozzle
d) Support

a) SHELL :
It is the primary component that contains the pressure.
Pressure vessel shells in the form of different plates are welded together to form a structure that has a common rotational axis.
Horizontal drums have cylindrical shells and are constructed in a wide range of diameter and length.
The shell sections of a tall tower may be constructed of different materials, thickness and diameters due to process and phase change of process fluid.
Shell of a spherical pressure vessel is spherical as well.
b) HEAD :
All the pressure vessels must be closed at the ends by heads (or another shell section).VESSEL-HEAD
Heads are typically curved rather than flat.
The reason is that curved configurations are stronger and allow the heads to be thinner, lighter and less expensive than flat heads.
Heads can also be used inside a vessel and are known as intermediate heads.
These intermediate heads are separate sections of the pressure vessels to permit different design conditions.
There are several types of heads are generally used in pressure vessels. They are
Sphere and hemispherical end (Fig-1)
2:1 Ellipsoidal head (Fig-2)
Conical head (Fig-3)
Torispherical head (Fig-4)
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