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FEA Services

3d-labs is a engineering consulting firm that provides full analysis using state-of-the-art FEA, CFD and CAD/CAE tools.
   We help our clients reduce product development costs, decrease time-to-market, and improve product quality. We offer not only the reliable analysis result, but also the insight solution on client's project.
   Our Expert and Experience :-
   We are from all sectors of industry and have excellent analysis skill and knowledge. We have co-operation with universities, national laboratories and other engineering firms, which enable us to address and solve clients' questions and problems simply and quickly. We solve a broad range of engineering analysis problems based on FEA techniques including stress analysis, fluid dynamics, kinematics, heat transfer, dynamics and vibration (seismic, harmonic), structural dynamics and electromagnetics.etc..

   Area of Expertise                    
   * FEA Linear/Nonlinear Analysis                               
   * Explicit Dynamics
   * FEA Static stress Analysis                                
   * FEA Dynamic Analysis
   * Transient Impact Analysis                                
   * Fluid Flow (poly Flow)
   * Modal Analysis                                         
   * Random Vibration Analysis
   * Harmonic Analysis                                      
   * Spectrum Stress Analysis
   * Fracture Analysis                                                 
   * FEA Fatigue Analysis
   * FEA Buckling Analysis                          
   * FEA Structure Stress Analysis
   * Thermal Stress FEA Analysis Services                  
   * Transient Analysis
   * Blade Gen                                                         
   * Steady State Analysis
   * Design Optimization FEA Consulting  
   * Vista (AFD,CCD,CCD(WITH CCM),RTD,TF)                           
some completed projects:-
Motor Bed Analysis - Elgi Rubber Ltd
Quick Opening Closer FEA - Elgi Rubber ltd
Nozzle analysis in Pressure Vessel - Nash Engineering Ltd
Stress analysis of process nozzles attached on blind flange -Techno Futura
Roof Nozzle & Rafter Analysis for 50 Ton &100 Tons Bitumen Tank-Puma Australia
Heat Exchanger Nozzle Analysis
Pipe Line Leak Repair Clamp 10” clamp-VKC Gujarat
Mix Tank (Design Calculation) Blackstone, Chennai
FEA – Nozzle weld – Universal Heat Exchanger
FEA – Screw Conveyor – Universal Heat Exchanger
FEA – Nozzle Calculation – Puma Australia FEA – Lifting Lug - NE Australia
50 ton / 100 ton Tank Calculation – Puma Australia
 FEA – Rafter - Puma Australia
Pipe Line Leak Repair Clamp 24” clamp-VKC
FEA - Nozzle weld Universal Heat Exchanger
FEA - Well Head Universal Heat Exchanger
FEA - Nozzle calculation – Puma Australia FEA- Tube Sheet Hidayadh UAE

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