Thuthuvalai Powder

100 Grams
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Thoothuvalai has multiple health benefits but it's ability to fight fever and common cold that make it a popular hack for many home remedies in Tamil Nadu and the rest of South India. It's also a popular ingredient to combat sinusitis and asthma ailments

1. Antioxidant Properties:

Thuthuvalai has amazing antioxidant properties. Consuming antioxidant rich ingredients is the key to good health. Consuming antioxidant rich ingredients will prevent free radical damage which is the main cause of premature ageing of the skin and hair. Consuming thuthuvalai in any form will help.

2. Repels Mosquitoes:

Thuthuvalai leaf extract has the ability to repel Anopheles Stephensi mosquitoes when we apply the extract on our skin along with preventing the egg laying. When we spray the thuthuvalai leaf extract on areas where mosquitoes are usually found, it reduces the egg laying capacity by almost 30 to 90 % depending on the concentration.

3. Anti Inflammatory Properties:

Thuthuvalai leaf extract has amazing anti inflammatory properties and if you are suffering any kind of inflammation, try to include thuthuvalai soup or thuthuvalai rasam in your diet for a few days. It will greatly help bring down the inflammation. You can read the study that supports this claim

4. Anti Bacterial Properties:

Almost all parts of thoothuvalai has anti bacterial properties, the flowers, the fruits and the leaves all exhibited powerful anti bacterial properties and the effect was more effective against gram positive bacteria than gram negative bacteria. The best part is thuthuvalai extract proved to be more effective than even antibiotics!

5. Anti Diabetic Properties:

Thuthuvalai has wonderful anti diabetic properties too. Thuthuvalai not only helps reduce blood sugar levels but has a protective effect on our kidneys too. People who have diabetes will greatly benefit if they regularly include thuthuvalai in their diet. You can read the study that supports this claim

6. Anti Asthma Properties:

Thuthuvalai has long been used for treating asthma. The soup made with thuthuvalai leaves is given to people suffering from asthma and it greatly helps. Now this traditional practice has been backed by research, in the study all the symptoms including breathlessness, cough and sputum decreased significantly and you can read the study

7. Anti Cancer Properties:

Thuthuvalai has amazing anti cancer properties. The chemical compound called sobatum found in thuthuvalai not only prevents cancer but also inhibits the growth of existing cancer cells. Also since thuthuvalai is rich in antioxidants, it greatly prevents oxidative stress which is the leading cause of many diseases including cancer.

8. Has A Protective Effect:

Regularly including thuthuvalai in our diet helps improve immunity and prevents us from many diseases. This is because thuthuvalai greatly prevents lipid peroxidation in which cells get damaged due to free radicals. If we consume thuthuvalai regularly, it will greatly help strengthen our immune system keeping us healthy always.