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A pressure surge is generated in a pipeline system when there is any change in the rate of flow of liquid in the line. The surge pressure can be dangerously high if the change is too rapid.

Hydraulic-surge package should be a complete surge analysis. Part of the results of such analysis is the determination of how much flow will need to be relieved and at what set pressure. These two design criteria will help select a properly sized surge-relief package which will reduce surge pressure to an acceptable level during unsteady state flow conditions.

Surge pressures (water hammer) in piping systems are generated by changes in the velocity of flow in a system. These sudden velocity changes can be caused by the operation of valves and pumps, or by expulsion of air from the piping system. These surges can be removed by using surge relief system.

Surge relief protection is critical for the Hydraulic, Transmission Lines, and Oil Tanker Loading Terminals industry to ensure safety, regulatory

In many applications like pipelines, loading, storage terminals, equipment and personnel need to be protected from the potential damage that can be caused by pressure surges.

GSW designs, fabricate, test, commission and install surge relief system based on client Requirements with fully safety integrated standards and guidelines and International standards.

3d-labs specilized in cost effective structural skids designs services. A skid is a process system which contains a frame or structure containing pressure vessels, heat exchanger, pumps, valves, instrumentation, and so on.

3d-labs has wide experience in design of equipment and piping skids of a wide variety. Skid design will comply with international standards and customer specifications Ensure safe lifting, transportation and operation. Optimize skid costs, by reducing unnecessary costs Ensure sufficient stiffness (at key locations) to avoid vibration problems for components mounted on the skids.

We have rich experience of serving structural skids designs companies around global.
Below some of our skid projects completed:

Karish & Tawin FPSO project Haterboer- WAPL
Amine Refrigeration unit -
Carbon Bed Filtration Package
Particulate Filtration Package
Fuel Gas Skid - Techno Futura LLC
ROV Skid - Robstone FZC
Filter Skid - Robstone FZC
H2S Scrubber Skid - Robstone FZC
PRS Skid - Robstone FZC
Metering Skid - Robstone FZC
Odorizer Skid - Robstone FZCGas Scrubber Skid - Techno Futura LLC
Pressure Reduction and Metering System –Nigerian Gas Company
Platform & Staircase 1 for AIPL
Platform & Staircase 2 for AIPL
Pressure Safe Guarding Skid - Basrah Gas Company
Gas receiving Facility - MCSC
Pressure Reduction and Metering Skid – GASCO
Pressure Reducing and Instrument System
Skid - Saudi Electricity Corporation
Pressure reduction Skid - Sharjah electricity
and water Authority
High Pressure Flare Picot Skid - Qatar petroleum
H2S Scrubber & Odorizer skids – Techno Futura
MPFS Skid- PetroFac Electro chlorination Skid ABC&DEF
Kalf, SEPL