Structural Steel Design an per Is : 800 - 2007
Design of structural steel as per IS : 800-2007 (General Construction in Steel - Code of Practice) requires knowledge of design, analysis and materials. Among The structural steel, the popularly used material is IS : 2062. Desgin, engineering, Stress analysis, functional requirements, detailing, drafting, documentation, Document control and document approval require knowledge of many subjects. IS : 800 was first published by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in 1956. The First revision was issued in 1962. The second revision was issued in 1984. The present revision (IS : 800-2007) was issued in December 2007. At present all Structural steel designed in India should meet the requirements of IS : 800 - 2007, Subject to contract conditions. Structural steel can be plain carbon steel or low-alloy steel. Analysis of structures is done considering elasticity.
Standard permits the following methods of design.
    1. Working stress method
    2. Limit state method
    3. Fatigue design
    4. Design assisted by testing.
    5. Fire resistant design.
Presently the working stress method is used popularly. Design requires the
Following checks:
    a) Access to various locations.
    b) Approach to all the locations.
    c) Walk-way requirements (about 750 mm clear width)
    d) Head-room requirements (about 2,100 mm clear height)
    e) Interferences (hard clashes and soft clashes)
    f) Interfaces between equipment and components.
In the industrial structures, a worker with shoes and helmet and a toolbox in One hand should be able to walk erect without injury. In homes, safety of Children and elders should be taken care-of. Structures should be designed To be "Fail Safe" under various loading.
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