heat exchanger, pressure vessel,storage tanks
Heat Exchanger and Pressure Vessel Design & Detailing
     3d-labs provide exceptional heat exchanger and pressure vessel design and also detailing in an accurate and timely manner. We provide an array of design calculations and detailing services of various types of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchanger, storage tanks, process tanks and mixing tanks used in various industries such as oil & gas, food, beverage, brewery & general industries.
    * All types of Pressure vessels Design and Detailing Services (Horizontal & Vertical)
   * U' tube heat exchanger
   * Plate heat exchanger
   * Air cooled heat exchanger
   * Shell & tube heat exchangers

     Our Design and Drafting Services:-
     * Pressure Vessel Process design
     * Heat exchanger Thermal design
     * Heat exchanger design and detailing
     * Pressure vessel design and detailing
     * Separator and Deaerator design
     * Air cooled heat exchangers
     * Shell and tube heat exchangers
     * 'U' tube heat exchanger
     * Plate heat exchangers
     * Storage tanks
     * Oil coolers and other type of heat exchanger
     * Mechanical Calculations for all equipment
     * All type of mechanical parts detailing services
3D-LABS offers wide variety of skid design and fabrication drawings services
Skid Design & Detailing Services
3d-labs specilized in cost effective structural skids designs services. A skid is a process system which contains a frame or structure containing pressure vessels, heat exchanger, pumps, valves, instrumentation, and so on.

   3d-labs has wide experience in design of equipment and piping skids of a wide variety. Skid design will comply with international standards and customer specifications Ensure safe lifting, transportation and operation. Optimize skid costs, by reducing unnecessary costs Ensure sufficient stiffness (at key locations) to avoid vibration problems for components mounted on the skids.

   We have rich experience of serving structural skids designs companies across UAE and Singapore.
Piping Design
Our team of piping engineers provides services economically. Our engineering services are capable enough that provide all type of Piping Industries like oil and gas, power generation, Petrochemicals and piping related industries. We serve all of you piping design and detailing needs.

* Piping stress analysis
* Piping Support and isometric drawings
* As built drawings
* 3D and 2D Piping drafting and detailing services
* 2D and 3D piping layouts
* Piping GA drawings
FEA Services
     3d-labs is a engineering consulting firm that provides full analysis using state-of-the-art FEA, CFD and CAD/CAE tools.
    We help our clients reduce product development costs, decrease time-to-market, and improve product quality. We offer not only the reliable analysis result, but also the insight solution on client's project.

    Our Expert and Experience :-
    We are from all sectors of industry and have excellent analysis skill and knowledge. We have co-operation with universities, national laboratories and other engineering firms, which enable us to address and solve clients' questions and problems simply and quickly. We solve a broad range of engineering analysis problems based on FEA techniques including stress analysis, fluid dynamics, kinematics, heat transfer, dynamics and vibration (seismic, harmonic), structural dynamics and electromagnetics.etc..

   Area of Expertise
   * Blade Gen
   * FEA Linear/Nonlinear Analysis
   * Explicit Dynamics
   * FEA Static stress Analysis
   * FEA Dynamic Analysis
   * Transient Impact Analysis
   * Fluid Flow (poly Flow)
   * Modal Analysis
   * Random Vibration Analysis
   * Harmonic Analysis
   * Spectrum Stress Analysis
   * Fracture Analysis
   * FEA Fatigue Analysis
   * FEA Buckling Analysis
   * FEA Structure Stress Analysis
   * Thermal Stress FEA Analysis Services
   * Steady State Analysis
   * Transient Analysis
   * Design Optimization FEA Consulting
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