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Pressure Vessel Design & drawings and fabrication service
     3d-labs provide exceptional  pressure vessel design  in an accurate and timely manner. We provide an array of design calculations and detailing services of various types of pressure vessels, shell and tube heat exchanger, storage tanks, process tanks and mixing tanks used in various industries such as oil & gas, food and general industries.

Our Design and Drafting Services:-
* Pressure Vessel Process design
* pressure vessel Thermal design
* Heat exchanger design and detailing
* Pressure vessel design and detailing
* Separator and Deaerator design
* Air cooled heat exchangers
* Shell and tube heat exchangers
* 'U' tube heat exchanger

* Plate heat exchangers
* Storage tanks
* Oil coolers and other type of heat exchanger
* Mechanical Calculations for all equipments
* All type of mechanical parts detailing services
Advantages of our Design Services:
* Competitive pricing
* High quality performance services
* Use of latest technology and techniques
* Prompt response to any service related inquiry
* On-time completion of every undertaken project
* Customer satisfaction guaranteed
* Trained and highly skilled professionals

     We have experienced of all Engineering disciplines including Architectural, Structural, Mechanical. A perfect combination of experience and skill helps us provide the best quality of drawings which ensures that each one-time client is a repeated customer.

Below some of our pressure vessel projects completed:
Auto Clave Vessels for ELGI Rubber Limited
 Steam Flash drum for Allied Heat Transfer, Australia
 Closed Blow Down Vessel for Techno Futura
VOC Water Cooler for Allied Heat Transfer . Australia 
Pre Filter Vessels for Emerson
FPSO Separator Vessel for Allied Heat Transfer
Knock Out Drum for Techno Futura
H2S Scrubber for Robstone FZC
Exhaust Gas Cooler for Allied Heat Transfer
Ethanol Closed Blow Down Vessel for Techno Futura
Pulsation Bottle Detailing for Allied Heat Transfer
Compressed Air Bullet Vessel for Techno Futura
Frying Oil Cooler for Allied Heat Transfer
Compressed Nitrogen Bullet Vessel for Techno Futura
Power Station Bearing Oil Cooler for Allied Heat Transfer
Air Receiver Vessels for Techno Futura
Instrument Air Receiver Vessel
Spitfire - Air Cooler Heater Detailing for Allied Heat Transfer
Scrubber Vessel for Techno Futura
Degassing Boot Design and Detailing work for Velath FZC, Dubai
Expansion Tank for Bhilai, India
Compressed Air Manifold for Spry, India
Overhead Condenser for Universal Heat Exchanger, India
Water Stripper Re-Boiler for Universal Heat Exchanger, India
H2S Scrubber for Techno Futura

Types of Vessel
Types of Vessel
Based on the shape (cylinder) of the vessels, they are called as cylinder pressure vessel. They are further classified into two types,

Horizontal Pressure Vessel
Vertical Pressure Vessel

Based on variety of applications & industries, such as Water Treatment, Pulp & Paper, Oil and Gas, among others. Common pressure vessels include:

Blow Down Tanks
Flash Tanks
Condensate Tanks
Separator Tanks
Expansion Tanks
     A blowdown tank is designed to collect the intermittent blowdown from the bottom blow off connections (or mud drum) and from the surface blow off connections. ... The blowdown tank provides a safe method of collecting the water which is removed from the boiler during blowdown.

The flash tank, or glycol-gas separator, is an optional piece of equipment used to recover the off-gas from the glycol-powered pump and the gaseous hydrocarbons from the rich glycol. The recovered gas can be used as fuel to the reboiler and/or stripping gas.

As the boiler heats water, a substantial amount of condensation occurs. Instead of letting this valuable moisture simply evaporate, a condensate receiver, also called a condensate tank, captures it and sends it back to the boiler room so it can be reused. A condensate tank is a valuable part of an HVAC system and its benefits should not be overlooked.

Separator is a vessel used to separate gas and liquid components from the fluids extracted from an oil well. Oil, gas or water can be removed from the fluids. It can also be defined as a device which separates a fluid into its constituent components.
 Some other common names that oil and gas separators are known by in the industry are as follows:
Wellhead Separators
Production Separators
Test Separators
Fuel Gas
Compressor Scrubbers
Pipeline Scrubbers
Slug Catchers:
Filter Separators:
Knockout Drums
Flash Drums
 Free Water Knockouts:
     The expansion tank is designed to handle the thermal expansion of water as it heats up in the water heater, preventing excessive water pressure. If water pressure gets to high it can damage valves in plumbing fixtures, joints in supply pipes and the water heater itself.

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