The art of science of technology of piping is a complicated subject. Principles of science, engineering and technology are used to evolve piping design. Design is creative. Engineering of a piping requires solution of mathematical equations. Piping is used to convey fluids. Piping is used by mankind for millenniums. The piping requires special treatment, since failure of piping will lead to loss of the unit.
     The scope of the book is only to indicate certain computational procedures and theory. A piping engineer should be familiar with the piping products. Hence, a visit to a manufacturing unit and a visit to a job site are important. Piping engineering can be classified as: design, manufacturing, construction, operation, maintenance, modernization and disposal. This book helps in design of piping components.

     Piping engineering can be broadly classified into thermal stream, design stream and manufacturing stream. Thermal consists of combustion, heat transfer, fluid flow, flow distribution, pressure loss, pumping power, auxiliary power consumption, plant efficiency. Design stream consists of temperature calculation, material selection, load calculation, load combination, thickness selection, weld design, insulation selection, support selection, guides design, drawings, Bill of Materials, material forecasts, review of boiler weight. Manufacturing stream consists of scheduling, man management and time management.

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