The structures are designed to withstand the forces of nature and to retain the shape of Components. Steel structures are of the following two types: braced structure and framed Structure. Steel structures can be statically determinate or hyper-static. The steel structure Forms a skeleton to withstand forces. The steel structure can undergo gross bucking or Local buckling. Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) structure are labor intensive. The Construction time for RCC structures is longer than a comparable steel structure. In India, Steel structures are used widely for factory buildings. The connections of the steel structures Can be riveted or bolted or welded. Welded connections are done in the factory or under Covered sheds. Bolted connections are done in the field (open to atmosphere). The bolted Connections can be bearing type or friction type. Bearing type of bolted connections are Widely used in structural steel industries in India. Friction type of connections require high Quality parts and discipline among the working groups. The structure has a life of fifty years And shall be painted once in three years. The steel structure has the following three main Parts: beam, column and bracing. The following parts are also used: base plate, foundation Bolt, joints, foundation materials, purlin, rafter, eve's girder, roof girder, etc.
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