Rear head cover (Floating head)
Required wall thickness of dished cover
t =5*P*L/ (6*S) + cai+ cao+ Tol (from ASME appendix 1-6) - 04
                        P – Design pressure in psi.
L – Corroded Spherical radius in inches. (ICR)
S – Allowable stress for the corresponding material in psi.
Cai – Inside corrosion allowance in inches.
Cao – outside corrosion allowance in inches.
Tol – Under tolerance allowance and forming tolerance in inches.
 Maximum allowable external pressure for head cover:
Pa = B/ (Ro/t) - 05
            B – Factor from ASME section 2 D (Refer from page 747) (A-factor= 0.125/ (Ro/t))
            Ro – Outer radius of the head in inches.
            t – Required thickness of shell cylinder in inches.
            Pa – Maximum allowable external pressure in psi.
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