21. Design and Stress Analysis of Piping and Supports
Step-01: Prepare Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
Step-02: Prepare Piping and Instrument Diagram (P & ID)
Step-03: Prepare piping layout drawing
Step-04: Prepare piping isometric drawing
Step-05: Select valves, gages, instruments and appurtenants
Step-06: Locate valves, gages, instruments and appurtenants
Step-07: Obtain allowable forces and moments for equipment
Step-08: Obtain thermal expansion movements for equipments (floating anchor)
Step-09: Select pipe diameter based on flow considerations.
Step-10: Select pipe thickness based on hoop stress
Step-11: Select pipe insulation based on heat loss and personal protection
Step-12: Select pipe outer casing
Step-13: Locate pipe supports
Step-14: Calculate wind load
Step-15: Calculate seismic load (earth-quake load)
Step-16: Calculate hydraulic test pressure
Step-17: Obtain hydraulic test water weight
Step-18: Finalize load combinations
Step-19: Make trail run of the piping stress analysis
Step-20: Obtain allowable stresses
Step-21: Carry-out stress analysis iteratively
Step-22: Check acceptability of forces and moment on anchors and floating
Step-23: Select hangers, restraints, limit stops and Constant Load Hangers(CLH)
                    Variable Load Hangers (VLH)
Step-24: Set hangers, restraints, limit stops, Constant Load Hanger (CLH) and
                    Variable load hangers (VLH)
Step-25: Prepare Close-Out Report

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