15. Supports Design
1. Introduction
    This write-up gives particulars of the supports for piping.
2. Types of Supports
     The following three types of supports are used: primary support, secondary support and tertiary support.
3. Primary Support
     The following are primary supports: lug, bolt, washer, nut, hanger rod, Variable Load Hanger (VLH), Constant Load Hanger (CLH), semi-constant load hanger, clamps, rockers, pins, and cotter pins.
4.Secondary Support
      The following are secondary supports: knee brackets, moment brackets, channels, angles, beams and spacers.
5.Tertiary supports
     The following are tertiary supports: beams, columns, bracings, base plates, foundations, foundation material and attachments.
6. Strength Requirements
      The following shall be taken care-of:
induced stress < allowable stress
induced deformation < allowable deformations
vibration of piping – to be taken care of

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